“ The Medical College is holding its scientific symposium about Meningitis, causes and treatment”

Under the sponsorship of the prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani the president of the University of Ninevah and with the supervision of the vice dean of the Medical College Asst. Prof. Dr. Moamin Junaid Aldibooni, the branch of the Family and Community Medicine / the Internal Medicine Branch held its scientific symposium under the title of “Meningitis, Causes and Treatment “.

    The symposium included two scientific sessions with three lectures for each session, the first session is headed by Prof. Dr. Nabeel Najeeb whereas the 2nd is headed by the lecturer Dr. Ali Abbas. 

 The sessions focused on Meningitis and they were presented by the college staff they discussed the reasons for this disease and its symptoms and showed the modern ways and the medical drugs that were used for its medication. 

The symposium had several recommendations the ways to prevent this disease and how to cure it, last but not least we wish the university further success and development.