Nineveh University discusses the master’s thesis titled “Application of Some High-Resolution Methods to Direction of Arrival Estimation Problem

” The researcher, Mohammed Rafea Shakir from the Department of Electronics Engineering, presented his thesis.

The discussion was attended by the University President, Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, the Dean of the College, Dr. Khaled Khalil Mohammed, as well as academic and administrative assistants and heads of scientific departments.

The thesis focused on digital signal processing in the field of spectrum estimation and determining the angles of wave sources by identifying the transmission angle of a single source and the transmission angles for two sources, which can be divided into positive, negative, and both positive and negative angles.

The goal of the thesis was to use multiple methods to determine the transmission angles for wave sources under different conditions and for varying numbers of sources, including sources without noise and sources with noise. The study employed simulation results for both cases and practical results for the case of using sources practically.

Two main methods were utilized: Fourier Transform (FT) and Root-MUSIC (Multiple Signal Classification). The results demonstrated the superiority of the Root-MUSIC method over the FT method, as Root-MUSIC is a modern technique with high accuracy, distinctive capability, and notable results.

The examination committee included:

  1. Dr. Jafar Ramadan Mohammed – University of Nineveh, College of Electronics Engineering, Chairman.
  2. Dr. Sadiq Bakr Dhanoun – University of Nineveh, College of Electronics Engineering, Member.
  3. Dr. Amar Idris Dawood – University of Mosul, College of Engineering, Member.
  4. Dr. Mujahid Fahmi Ibrahim – University of Nineveh, College of Electronics Engineering, Member and Supervisor.

Wishing the researcher continued success and prosperity.