The training session titled “Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Deep Learning in Analyzing Complex Data and Their Applications

organized by the Electronic Computing Center, was held on February 18, 2024. The event, sponsored by University President Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, aligns with the university’s commitment to community service and collaboration with governmental institutions.

Conducted by the Technical Training Department at the Electronic Computing Center, the course, which runs until February 15, 2024, targeted employees from Nineveh Governorate and its affiliated departments.

Presenters included Mr. Ali Emad Abdul Habbar, the Director of the Electronic Computing Center, along with Dr. Ahmed Nashwan Al-Dabagh, Dr. Ahmed Qasim Ahmed, Dr. Balkis Talal Hassan, and a guest lecturer from the University of Mosul, Dr. Mohammed Yassin Hazem.

The course explored the significance of artificial intelligence algorithms and deep learning in the analysis of intricate data. It highlighted applications across various domains, such as image classification, face and object detection, language translation, identity verification, advanced robotics, medical image analysis, early disease diagnosis, and autonomous driving. The session also covered the design and implementation of these networks for optimal data processing efficiency.

Participants actively engaged in discussions, sharing insights and experiences related to the challenges and opportunities within this field. The training concluded with a dynamic question-and-answer session, addressing crucial issues and delving into technical details. May success be guided by divine providence.