The Law College held discussions on graduation research projects for fourth-year students

under the supervision and guidance of the Dean of the College of Law, Dr. Zeina Ghanem Al-Obaidi, with close monitoring by department heads and faculty members.

On Tuesday and Thursday, the Law College conducted discussions for graduation research projects for the first batch of fourth-year students.

Discussion panels from both the public and private law departments engaged with students as part of the requirements for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in law, marking a crucial stage in their academic journey.

The discussion sessions fostered an environment of scholarly exchange and academic interaction between students and discussion panels, featuring in-depth analysis and review of the presented research and methodologies used to draw conclusions. We hope for our students’ continuous progress and for the Law College to continue its pride and excellence.

The students expressed great joy in discussing their research projects, reaping the rewards of their continuous efforts and determination with pride and gratitude, acknowledging the efforts of the faculty who shared in their joy, and wishing them ongoing success and prosperity in their future endeavors.