The master’s thesis at the University of Nineveh discusses a study on multiband fractal antennas.

The thesis, titled “An Investigation into Multiband Fractal Antennas,” was presented by Dalia Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Khaffaf, a student at the College of Electronics Engineering at the University of Nineveh.

The thesis examined and compared the performance of three types of antennas (narrowband, wideband, and multiband).

The aim of the thesis was to obtain a small-sized antenna that operates at wide and multiple frequencies with high efficiency.

The thesis defense committee consisted of:

  1. Dr. Khalil Hassan Sayed Mar’i – Chairman.
  2. Assoc. Prof. Yasser Ahmed Fadel – Member.
  3. Dr. Adham Maan Saleh – Member.
  4. Dr. Jaafar Ramadan Mohammed – Member and Supervisor.

Wishing the researcher and the defense committee continued success and prosperity.