The Pediatrics Department at the College of Medicine hosted its scientific seminar entitled “Updates in Pediatrics”

under the patronage of Dean of the College of Medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Mu’min Junaid Al-Dabouni, as part of the Pediatrics Department’s activities for the academic year 2023-2024.

The Pediatrics Department held its seminar on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, entitled “Updates in Pediatrics.”

The seminar opened with a speech by Mr. Dean, praising the significant role of such periodic seminars in developing pediatric research to serve the community and healthcare.

Four diverse scientific lectures were presented during the seminar, emphasizing their importance, and the seminar concluded with the following recommendations:

1- Enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria in children’s intestines through natural childbirth, consuming a healthy, fiber-rich diet, avoiding processed foods and fast food, alongside breastfeeding as a primary source, and encouraging outdoor play to promote their activity and balance beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

2- Establishing a specialized team for ketogenic nutrition for children, to whom children with refractory epilepsy are referred for medication treatment.

3- Working on providing complete parenteral nutrition for underweight children in hospitals in Ninawa Governorate, along with training medical staff on administering and calculating nutrition solutions.

4- Raising awareness about the symptoms and consequences of wheat allergy in children, clarifying the importance of diagnosing and treating it correctly, and supporting scientific research in the field of wheat allergy in children to develop diagnostic and treatment methods and improve their quality of life.