The University of Ninevah held its scientific symposium about “ the dangers of abnormal practices on social security and the ways to combat them ”

 Under the sponsorship of the president of the University of Ninevah Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani and with the supervision of the dean of the College of Law Prof. Dr. Zeena Ghanim Alobaidy, the College of Law has held a scientific symposium about the dangers of the abnormal practices on social security and the ways to combat them in cooperation with the Department of Media and government communication on Tuesday 8/8/2023 at Dr. Muzahim Alkhayya hall with the logo of “ the common sense is the foundation of the social security “

   The director of Combating Terrorism and Intellectual Extremism Alshaykh Rami Alabadi has participated as several clergymen, security leaders, university professors, and students. 

 The symposium included a session in which the terms Gender and Homosexuality were discussed in addition to discussing several deviant practices in our Arabic Islamic society and the risk of spreading these phenomena and how to combat them intellectually, religiously, and legally through education and awareness by the religious scholars and media and enacting the appropriate legislations to prevent these phenomena that threat the common security and peace.  

The symposium witnessed extensive discussions and interventions one of them by the university president about congenital malformations and how to cure them, the human sex determination, transgenderism and its reasons represented by the psychological and material factors and the poor family care, and he represented a number of the essential points to combat this phenomenon to prevent the problems that don’t fit the values and morals of the Iraqi people. 

In the end, the symposium was closed by presenting a certificate of appreciation and participation from the university president to the attendees and lecturers of this symposium, finally, he expressed his wishes for the university to have more success and development to serve the society.