The university president inaugurated an Internet of Things (IoT) exhibition organized by the Computer Networks and Internet Department

at the College of Information Technology. The invitation was extended by the college dean, Dr. Manar Younes Kashmoula, with the presence of the university’s assistant president for administrative affairs, Dr. Amar Saadoon Hameed, the dean of the Nursing College, Dr. Radwan Hussein Ibrahim, and the deans’ assistants for scientific and administrative affairs, along with the director of the Computer Networks and Internet Department.

On Monday, February 19, 2024, Professor Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, the university president, inaugurated a scientific exhibition showcasing projects of fourth-year students in the Internet of Things (IoT). The exhibition was organized by the Computer Networks and Internet Department at the college.

The exhibition included various projects in the field of networking within the Internet of Things technology. This modern technology connects devices, household tools, and industrial equipment to the internet, allowing remote control, monitoring, and management of the generated data.

The exhibition was meticulously organized and supervised by the head of the Computer Networks and Internet Department, Mr. Mahmoud Fawzi, and under the direct supervision of Mr. Ahmed Nashwan Aldabbagh throughout the first semester in the Internet of Things course.

The exhibition left a distinctive mark for the College of Information Technology, evident in the words of thanks, appreciation, and admiration expressed by the university president during his tour of the exhibition. It showcased numerous outstanding projects that demonstrated the creativity and skills of the students in this field. The exhibition also contributed to raising awareness of the importance of this technology and its applications in various aspects of life.