“ Prof. Dr. Khaleel Sayid Marie has won the prize of Alayin University for 2024”

   The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Education Research Prof. Dr. Naeem Alaboody on Saturday 10/2/2024 honored more than 100 people with Alayin University Prize with its fourth version. 

   This honoring was through the honoring ceremony that was attended by the deputies, presidents of universities, General managers, professors, and researchers, this event was at the site of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 

   The prizes included the following groups: 
  1. The leading researchers.
  2. The top universities in scientific research.
  3. High-impact research research.
  4. The edited books.
  5. The unique women.
  6. The cooperative universities with Iraqi universities. This was on the competitive conditions to get these prizes and the Emeritus Professor Dr.Khalid Sayid Marie at the College of Electronics Engineering with the prize of the top scientist research in the Iraqi Universities, depending on the trade-offs who get an impact factor not less than 10 depending on the indicators of the impact factor, the number of published research on 2023, the number of citations, the citation weighted papers International cooperation and publishing in prestigious journals. It’s noteworthy that ( Elsevier) depended on the assessment of the scientific output of the competitive professors on these prizes. Last but not least, we wish our University professors further success and prosperity.