“ Holding the first international conference of Nursing and Midwifery by the College of Nursing Univer of Ninevah in cooperation with governmental and international institutions “

From the cooperation agreement between University of Ninevah and the governmental and international universities and according to the directions of the University President Prof.Dr. Osama Almashhadani, College of Nursing at University of Ninevah and in cooperation with four institutions ( the Medical College of Hawler, College of Nursing, the International University of Tishk TIU, College of Nursing, and the Center of Developing the Nursing and Midwifery have held the first conference of Nursing and Midwifery in Erbil from 25to 27 Jan./2024.

Speakers from different world countries contributed to the conference, this event gathered specialists, professors, and students to exchange knowledge and expertise in the major of Nursing. 

The conference dealt with various issues and covered different aspects of Nursery and Midwifery clinical practice, the researcher’s development, and the creative ways of patient care.

The conference aimed to concentrate on multi-major cooperation, confessing the vital role of nurses and midwives in medical care. The workshops simplified the ways to work as a teamwork and active cooperation between the specialists in medical care, in addition, the conference gave the researchers a platform to to exhibit their work and to develop the nursing fields and Midwifery. The poster sessions showed the newest results of research and inventions to stimulate discussions forward the growing opportunities.

This event acted as a communication center that enabled the attendees to make new connections, share resources, and build partnerships to enhance the Nursing society, the conference is regarded as an important occasion because it acted as an important pace to teach and practice medical care in the region. Finally all the success and prosperity to our University .