The university president met with the returning faculty members from scholarship programs

as part of the initiative by the Committee for Investing in the Energies of Scholars. Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, the president of Nineveh University, along with his assistant for scientific affairs, Dr. Jafar Ramadan Mohammed, and the head of the Scholars’ Energies Investment Unit, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salama, met on Thursday, February 8, 2024, with faculty members of Nineveh University who obtained their postgraduate degrees (master’s and doctorate) from outside Iraq.

The purpose of this meeting was to support and encourage this group, urging them to actively participate in the scientific activities organized by the university. They were encouraged to leverage the experiences gained during their studies abroad to contribute to the development of the educational process by participating as lecturers in the university’s courses. The goal is to benefit from their relationships with scholarship universities, actively engaging in publishing joint scientific research in reputable international journals through forming specialized research teams.

The meeting also addressed preparations for signing cooperation agreements with international universities, and organizing joint conferences and seminars. Additionally, the meeting included listening to the challenges faced by this group, and the university president pledged to overcome the obstacles they encountered, welcoming their suggestions and ideas through direct communication channels with him. Wishing the university faculty continued dedication and progress