“ Two researchers at Ninevah University published their research in Scopus ”

With Ninevah University’s guidance to enhance its balance of scientific research published in the world’s sober warehouses, The two researchers at our university assistant lecturer Eman Qasim Alwajar ( from the Department of Construct and Projects) and assistant lecturer Rana Alhyali ( from the College of IT ) with the participation of Prof. Dr. Qutaiba Tawfiq Alyozbaki the manager of Dams and Water Resources Centre at university of Mosul have published research at the Iraqi Geological Journal under the name of “Using Electrical Methods to increase Sedimentation Rate of Sludge in drinking water of purification stations during the rainy seasons “Vol 56, number 2A and it was classified in sober scientific journals in Scopus, finally all the success and progress to our university