“ A member at the College of Medicine/University of Ninevah has got the MSc. degree from the College of Science at the University of Mosul ”

Mr. Sinan Khalid Abood a member of the College of Medicine at the University of Ninevah has the got the Msc. degree with an A-plus degree from the College of Science University of Mosul on Wednesday 23/8/2023, his thesis was named “ Molecular and Biochemical Study in the Investigation of Echinococcus granulsus strains in Nineveh Governorate Hospitals ”

The study aimed to identify the patients who were infected with Echinococcus granules in the hospitals of Mosul, identify the rate of cyst fertility rate that were isolated from humans and animals, measure the vitality of the heads inside the cyst, in addition, ti diagnosing the responsible strains for spreading the disease molecularly, detect how this disease is spread between healthy people apparently by detecting the seropositivity of the parasitic antibodies by using the ELISA. 

 The findings included the following: This disease is endemic in Nineveh, and the rate of infection is higher in girls than boys, the ages of 11-20 are the highest among the others, the rate of infection in rural areas is higher than cities with a rate of 75% the infection rate in the liver is higher than the other organs, and the fertility rate in the isolated cysts of human is higher than that of animals, moreover the results showed a spreading of sheep breed G3 and G1 in Mosul, and the study proved that disease is spread apparently among the healthy people from the donors to the blood bank with a rate of 14% from 96 serum sample. 

The discussion committee is headed by the Prof.Dr. Wayyis Muwafaq Hamid with the membership of Prof. Dr. Neama Ali Ahmed (Dean of College of the Science University of Kirkuk), Asst. Prof. Dr. Fouad Salim Esmaeel, and with the membership and supervision of the Asst. Prof. Najah Subhi Nayf Alomar . 

 University of Ninevah presidency, College of Medicine, and its staff congratulate the researcher heartily wishing him more success and prosperity in serving our beloved university.