Al-Khytt delivered a lecture about e-learning highlighting challenges and solutions

Prof. Dr. Muzahm Kassim Al-Khyatt, President of the Ninevah University, presented an electronic lecture on Friday 8/5/2020, entitled (E-Learning at Ninevah University; challenges and solutions), in which he stated that the Corona pandemic was sudden and rapid, and it was imperative to develop quick solutions to manage time, and this is what the family of Ninevah University did.
The main focus of the lecture is to exploit pitfalls and turn them into ways to overcome crises in the way of collective action with optimism, trust, purity, charity, and mastery, which keeps a clear impact committed to doing so by applying ideal standards approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, this is University employees have taken. Ninevah University starting with its council is reaching the students, who are the main beneficiaries in this process, to change the reality of education under these exceptional circumstances.
Al-Khyatt also explained the resources of this project that were used by the University, including activating the Moodle platform and the G-Suite platform and using video chat programs such as Zoom and Webex meet, as well as exploiting Google services including classroom, Drive, Meet and others.
Also, the clearest percentages of e-learning statistics, including attendance and interaction percentage, students ’satisfaction in performing this experiment, and the percentages of completing academic courses.
He also touched on the obstacles that faced us, the most important of which are the weakness in the internet networks, the lack of availability in some regions, and the financial problems that some low-income students suffer from.
The President’s recommendations were to consider

Blended learning and focus on electronic training for the academics and the students, also instructed the academics to follow the art of motivating students to get them to safety and complete the school year and not lose it.
The lecture witnessed a wide attendance of associates from various governmental and private Iraqi and Arab universities exceeding 500 participants, who praised this valuable lecture and the role of Ninevah University in organizing a large group of electronic lectures and managing the educational process with distinction.
At the end of the meeting, through the lecture, Prof Al-Kyatt thanked all the academic and technical cadres based on this experience, and they accomplished the achievements, wishing them continued glory and creativity.

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