“An International Contribution for the Dean of the College of Law at AlSharija University “

Based on the university’s striving to implement the agreement of scientific cooperation with the University of Sharjah and according to the directions of the president of the University of Ninevah Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani, Prof. Dr. Zeena Alobaidy contributed as a member in the Ph.D. discussion of the researcher Mubarak Almuhajiri on his subject entitled “ The civil protection of tenure in the UAE Law – A Contrastive Study”, and after a thorough discussion with the researcher he has given the Ph.D. in civil law.

In the end, the dean of the College of Law Prof. Dr. Adnan Sarhan expressed his acknowledgment for the Dean of the College of Law for her unique scientific efforts in the discussion, and Alobaidy in turn praised the deanship of the Collge of Law at AlSharija University for the warm welcoming and hosting, last but not least, we wish for further cooperation between the two universities.