“Gravity: a therapy to treat cancer “

In an interesting study, that is regarded as the first on the Iraqi and international levels, two Iraqi researchers Mr. Saifaldeen Amir Ahmed ( College of Medicine/University of Ninevah ) and Prof. Dr. Ameera Mahmood Alrawi ( College of Science/University of Mosul) were able to discover a new field to treat cancer through a study that was done on glioblastoma that is regarded as the most aggressive type of cancer.

  The results showed that the death of most cells because of exposure to the simulation of weightlessness. 

  This study is unique since it opens the horizons to discover new science that investigates the ability to treat cancer away from the traditional methods (chemical and radiation therapies) that have negative side effects. Thus, this study is published in the Journal of Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering which belongs to the American Institute of Physics, The journal is included in Scoops warehouses and is classified in the second quarter of Scoops 

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