Laboratories Excellence Workshop

In the attendance of Dr Muzahm Al-Khyatt, the presedent of Ninevah University, the Presedent’s Scientific and Administrative Assistants, Deans of Medical College and Electronic Engineering College, the Heads of Departments, and the workers in the labs of the Medical College, with the coordination of Continuous Teaching Center of Ninevah University, the two units, the Unit of Laboratories and the Unit of Accriditation and Training, held a workshop entitled: The Accriditation Index and Explaining The Guidelines of Teaching and Specialized Laborotories Excellence. Lectures were presented by Dr. Alaa Haseeb AlJalili from the College of Economy and Administration, and Dr. Manal Abdul-Jabbar Al- Sammak from College of Tourism, Mosul University.
In the Workshop, laboratory designs that are in accord with international standards were presented to two labs in Medical College and Electronics College by Zahrat Al- Sanaria Company.
The presedent highly admired those who held the Workshop and appraised their efforts to improve lab conduct in our University.