Ninevah University starts using the e-learning Program (MOODLE)

Under the patronage and attendance of the President of the University, Nineveh University held a workshop on e-learning through the MOODLE platform. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to the staff of the College of Electronics Engineering while the second day was devoted to the College of Medicine staff.
The lectures were delivered by Mr. Yahya Saud Adham, who presented the most important aspects of the program and how to deal with them. During the lectures the attendee can be seen using their mobile phones to follow their connection with the (MOODLE) program. The program offers the introduction of lectures and materials related to the educational process, while students can connect to the program to read and download lectures.

It is noteworthy that the university presidency had formed a committee of (Mr Yahya Saud, Eng. Hazem Ahmed Al-Baak, Eng. Ali Emad Abd, and Eng. Zakaria Saadallah). The committee worked for two weeks to allocate (username) to every lecturer at the university can use it to submit lectures, electronic exams, notices, and other matters related to university e-learning. Also, with the support of the college registration unit, this committee was able to prepare (a username) for each student through which they can login into the system to review the lectures and related matters.