Ninevah University won three awards in the first Robotics Competition

Initiated by the Mechatronics Engineering Department in collaboration with Asiacell, Mosul University hosted the first Robotics Competition in the auditorium of the College of Physical Education and Sports Science, with the participation of 30 teams from various universities and institutions in two competitions:

  1. Sumo Race, where teams competed to defeat their opponent’s robot and push it out of the ring.
  2. Speed Race, which involved navigating obstacles with precision.

The team from the Systems and Control Engineering Department at the College of Electronics Engineering, supervised directly by the department’s lecturer, Mr. Mohannad Al-Rikani, participated in the Sumo Race. Our university’s team won three awards, making it the most awarded team, including:

  1. Second Prize for the Sumo Competition.
  2. Second Prize for Technical Design.
  3. Second Prize for Media Promotion.

Additionally, two lecturers from the College of Electronics Engineering participated as judges in the competition: Dr. Majid Darrar and Mr. Mohannad Al-Rikani.

The total prize money awarded to the winners of this competition amounted to 7,200,000 Iraqi Dinars. We wish our students continued success and excellence.