President of the University of Nineveh Visits the College of Nursing and Inspects the Final Exams for the Academic Year 2023/2024

On the morning of Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the President of the University of Ninevah, Prof. Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, visited the College of Nursing. He was received by the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Radwan Hussein Ibrahim, along with the college staff.

The purpose of this visit was to inspect the conduct of the final exams for the college students for the academic year 2023/2024. During the visit, Al-Mashhadani, accompanied by the Dean, toured all the examination halls, reviewing the exam questions and addressing the students’ needs.

At the end of the visit, Al-Mashhadani praised the efforts of the college administration, its staff, and the examination committee for their logistical preparations and for providing the students’ needs. He commended them for managing the examination process in accordance with the effective regulations and instructions, wishing the college and its students continued success and excellence.