Prof. Dr. Muzahm Al-Khyatt attended a workshop under the title (Doctors of Peace)

Prof. Dr. Muzahm Al-Khyatt, the presedent of Ninevah University, on 28/11/2019, attended a workshop held by a group of students of the Faculty of Medicine under the title (Doctors of Peace). A large number of students from Ninevah and Mosul Universities participitated in the workshop. The most important points that were discussed in this workshop are peaceful and societal coexistence between students belonging to different religions, nationalities and sects, spreading the spirit of affection and love among them, and adopting the principle of dialogue and discussion in dealing with the other party.
This workshop was highly appreciated by the President of the University, who praised the efforts of those in charge of this workshop, wished them continued success and living in a spirit of tolerance and familiarity among the students in our beloved University and our beloved Iraq.
At the end of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Muzahim Al-Khayat was honored with the workshop’s shield by the organizers for his continuous support for such student activities.