Prof. Dr .Muzahm Al-Khyatt participated in a panel discussion about “e-learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic” That was organized by Huawei Company.

Huawei Company has organized an Online Education Summit, under the slogan “Learning Never Stops”. They invited professionals, including the one in China with recent experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, to share online education practice. Presidents of few Iraqi universities and presidents assistant for scientific affairs were also invited. The attendees gave note about their experience sharing how to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning activities during COVID-19.
The speeches and panel discussion lasted for more than two hours.
Prof. Dr. Muzahm highlighted many important lessons that were acquired from the COVID-19 Crises , such the role of leadership, efficient use of the resources, management of the crises, as well as the role of managing the e-learning at Ninevah University.