Researchers from various Iraqi and Arab universities participated in the first International Ninawa Conference on Combating Terrorism and Extremism

On the second day of the conference, which was held by our university under the theme “The Role of Universities in Building Societal Values – Ninawa Province as a Model,” in collaboration with the National Security Advisor’s Office, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Popular Mobilization Authority, and the Research and Development Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

A large number of researchers participated in the conference, which featured three scientific sessions on its second day, presenting 17 research papers by researchers from various Iraqi universities from north to south, in addition to participation from researchers from Arab Maghreb countries and Algeria.

Most of the presented research focused on countering extremist and deviant ideas and combating ideological extremism, affirming that terrorism and extremism do not represent a religion or a sect and that combating them is everyone’s responsibility.

The conference concluded with a set of valuable actionable recommendations that will be forwarded to relevant authorities for implementation. Certificates of appreciation were distributed to the committees responsible for this valuable conference, wishing our university and the participating entities continued success and prosperity in serving humanity as a whole.