The College of Law at the University of Ninevah Achieves First Place in the Evaluation Exam for Law Colleges in Ninevah Province

The College of Law at the University of Nineveh has achieved a prestigious academic accomplishment by securing first place in the annual evaluation exam for law colleges across Nineveh Province.

This accolade underscores the significant efforts exerted by the college’s administration to elevate the academic standards of its students. The Dean of the College of Law at the University of Nineveh, Professor Dr. Zeina Ghanem Al-Alobaydi, expressed her pride and joy in announcing this remarkable achievement, noting that the college’s excellence in the evaluation exam is the result of the continuous dedication and hard work of both faculty members and students. Alobaydi stated, “Our achievement of first place is the fruit of collective efforts and unparalleled dedication by the entire college community, and we are committed to continuing this approach to achieve more successes in the future.”

The evaluation exam is considered one of the most important academic standards by which the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research assesses the performance of colleges. It evaluates the scientific level of students, their grasp of the curricula, and their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

The college’s faculty members expressed their happiness with this achievement, emphasizing the important role of the college in graduating qualified legal professionals who contribute to the promotion of the rule of law and serve the community.

Many students also expressed their joy and pride in reaping the fruits of their efforts with this success, considering it a motivation to continue their diligence and strive to achieve the highest academic standards.

It is worth noting that the College of Law at the University of Ninevah is considered one of the leading law colleges in Iraq, boasting a distinguished faculty and providing an advanced educational environment that meets the needs of students and keeps pace with scientific and technological developments.

This achievement enhances the status of the University of Ninevah as a leading educational institution that contributes to societal development by offering high-quality education and preparing specialized cadres capable of facing future challenges.