The College of Medicine hosts the annual scientific seminar for the Department of Medical Physiology

under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Mu’min Junaid Al-Dabouni, titled “Various Topics in Medical Physiology.”

The Department of Medical Physiology at the College of Medicine held its annual scientific seminar titled “Various Topics in Medical Physiology.”

The seminar, attended by the dean of the college and a gathering of faculty members, took place in the hall of Professor Mazahim Al-Khayat. It featured scientific lectures discussing the latest developments in the field of medical physiology, presented by Associate Professor Dr. Khalid Ghanem Al-Ghabsha, Ms. Heba Khalid Hatem, and Mr. Mohammed Salim.

The seminar included an open scientific discussion for the participants, who praised the importance of the seminar and the lectures delivered, highlighting the distinguished academic presentations by the speakers.