“ The Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has honored the lecturer Dr. Yousif Salama at the Medical College in our University for getting first place in the Iraqi Board of Rhinoplasty, Ear, and Throat Surgery”

With the presence of the Minister of Health, the Chairman of the Health and Environment Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, the Chairman of the Iraqi Council for Medical Competencies, the Elite University Presidents, Deans of the Medical College, and the Head of the Iraqi doctors, this honoring was on the margins of the graduation ceremony of the students of the Iraqi Medical Specialties Council of the group entitled “Tawfan Alqsa”, in this regard, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research emphasized developing the medical education, updating the evaluation tests, and developing the acceptance policy in the medical group.

On this occasion, the president of University of Ninevah Prof. Dr. Osmaa Almashhadani congratulated the deanship of the Medical College and its lecturers for this achievement, which shows that University of Ninevah is moving steadily, and through its staff, it is achieving advanced ranks in all levels, finally, we wish our University staff a further success and prosperity.