The University of Nineveh celebrated its tenth anniversary under the patronage and presence of the University President, Prof. Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani

The event was supervised by the Assistant University President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Amar Saadoun Hameed, and attended by the State Advisor to the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Reconstruction Committee of Nineveh Governorate, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal Al-Saydali, as well as government and private college deans, security leaders, religious figures, university professors, and students. The theme of the celebration was “University of Nineveh… Ten Years of Excellence and Creativity.”

On Sunday, March 10, 2024, the University commemorated its tenth anniversary, beginning with a welcome to the attendees. The university president inaugurated the event by lighting a torch at the oldest high school in the province (Alsharqiya Preparatory School), followed by a parachute display by the Sky Falcons team above the university.

The ceremony included a speech by the university president, reflecting on the university’s history and its journey to the current achievements. He discussed the university’s strategy to establish an advanced smart university city in the Alathba region, and announced the approval of nine new projects for the university. Dr. Mohammed Iqbal Al-Saydali conveyed Prime Minister Engineer Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani’s congratulations to the university and expressed support for the reconstruction committee’s assistance to the university and its projects.

The administrative assistant of the preparatory committee also delivered a speech highlighting the university’s achievements and future vision. Additionally, a retired professor expressed gratitude for the university’s annual recognition and care for retirees. The event featured solidarity with the Palestinian people, a theatrical representation of their plight against brutal Zionist aggression, charity bazaars to support their cause, and poetic recitations condemning the aggression.

The ceremony also honored outstanding students in the university’s first phase with certificates of appreciation and recognized supportive entities, partners, and college deans with the event shield.