The University of Nineveh Council holds its urgent session

The Ninevah University Council held its emergency session, on Tuesday, 25/2/2020 headed by Professor Dr. Muzahm Al-Khyatt, President of the University. The Council discussed a number of important issues, including the challenges facing the world in the emergence of the Corona epidemic.
The President of the University directed the College of Medicine, in coordination with the Dept. of Information and Public Relations at the University, to establish a health awareness symposium for Corona epidemic, how to confront it, and ways to prevent it.
His Excellency also directed that a group doctors, accompanied by college students, to perform educational visits to a number of schools in Mosul city in order to explain ways to prevent contamination of epidemic.

In the same context, a committee was formed for this purpose by the dean of the College of Medicine, and it started the work assigned to it , including designing educational leaflets and film materials. as well as taking Preventive measures in the student dormitories.