UNDP supplies the Faculty of Medicine with advanced laboratory equipments

Today, under the direct supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Assist.Prof. Dr. Osama Ismail Al-Mashhadani and the Chairman of the Microbiology Dept., Dr. Ali Abbas, the UNDP installed, in the pathology lab., new equipments; a casual and automatic microtom devices as well as a tissue embedding device. In the Microbiology lab, the UNDP installed a fluorecent microscope equipped with an intelligent screen, in addition to a centrifuge, and incubator. During this week the physics and biochemistry laboratories are, also, going to be equipped with a premium device, RT PCR. In addition, the special hoods for the pathology laboratory, the microbiology laboratory and the research laboratory will be installed by Al-Munajjid Company under the supervision of Eng. Adam.

Ninevah University thanks the UNDP for providing support to the College of Medicine and the colleges of the universities in Nineveh general.