“University of Ninevah is holding its Scientific Symposium under the name of “ Confronting the Deviant Ideas. The Bad Model … The Level and Challenges “

    Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Naeem Alaboodi, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee, and with the presence and supervision of Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani, University of Ninevah held its scientific symposium on Wednesday 11/10/2023 at Muzahim Alkhayyat Hall under the name of “Confronting the Deviant Ideas. The Bad Model …. The Level and Challenges”.

   The symposium was attended by the president of the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee Prof. Dr. Muzahim Alkhayyat, Judge Dr. Ahmed Alharithy, and the official of Mosul churches Father Raed Adil, the director of the Department of Terrorism and Intellectual Extremism Alshaikh Rami Alobady, representatives from the Sunni and Shia moratorium, several clergymen and the university profs and students. 

 The symposium included three scientific sessions discussing the medical, religious, and legal sides. The first session was headed by the assistant president of administrative affairs Prof. Dr.Ammar Almashhadani “ The definition of the perverted thoughts “ followed by a medical lecture presented by the university president defining transsexuality and the necessary procedures to prevent this phenomenon through the lecture he presented a video showing the surgeries of sex reassignment SRS because of the birth defects after this Dr. Waleed Hameed presented a lecture about the gender definition and the gradualism forward the sexual deviation and promotion.