University of Ninevah participates with Dohuk University and TMH University of Germany in their symposium about the Biomedical Engineering

   According to the directions of Ninevah University President Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani to be opened to the international and local universities and making use of their experiences. 

 The assistant president for the scientific affairs Prof. Dr. Jaafar Ramadan Mohammed accompanied by the hea of Missions and culture relations asst. Prof. Dr. Fawaz Alfiqi in the scientific symposium that was held by Dohuk university in cooperation with TMH university of Germany about the modern trends in Biomedical Engineering. 

 The seminar was on the sidelines of the graduation ceremony of the first class of the department of Biomedical Engineering in Dohuk University in cooperation with TMH university of Germany. 

    The graduate of this department will get a joint certificate of these universities after completing the academic course according to a specialised training program. 

 This completed came as a try to express the university’s openness to these universities to exchange the experiences especially the professional professors in Biomedical Engineering in Dohuk University in cooperation with TMH University of Germany and the ability to invest them in developing the new department of Biomedical Engineering for the academic year 2023-2024 in college of Electronics Engineering in Ninevah University 

   In this context university of Ninevah strive to develop new specialities in order to meet the society needs according to the recent developments and create the harmony with their educational aims to be a pioneer institution in the region, having a real partnership with many sober international and local universities to ensure the quality education according to the global standards