University of Nineveh Launches the First Phase of Its Digital Repository

In implementation of the University of Nineveh’s plan to complete all requirements for national accreditation.

The University of Nineveh has launched the first phase of its digital repository for scientific outputs. A workshop was held on May 27, 2024, by the Scientific Affairs Department at the university presidency in coordination with the Electronic Computer Center and attended by all authorized representatives of the formations.

The first phase includes the launch of official tests of the system, which was designed by the Computer Center/Electronic Systems Division, while work is underway to launch the subsequent phases, which include uploading research by faculty members from all university formations.

Through the launch of the digital repository, the University of Nineveh aims to document its research outputs and make them available to local and international researchers through a unified electronic portal. The repository is also expected to increase citations of the university’s research, thereby contributing to raising the university’s ranking… and with God’s help, success.